Cutting Class Podcast

What is Cutting Class?

We're a history podcast. We're a comedy podcast. We're a History/Comedy podcast told by two high school teachers. Every Wednesday we'll be bringing you funny, amazing, unbelievable stories from the past to amuse and delight you for absolutely free! If we don't then we'll give your money back guaranteed!

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What people are saying...

"...These two history teachers are awesome. They’re witty, funny and also highlight important themes and questions behind each topic. I binge-listen to this podcast constantly, always finding something new and interesting to learn." - Listener Review

"Every now and again the guys talk about their experiences as teachers and what’s expected of them in the US high school system, which you wouldn’t otherwise hear about. This podcast is one of my absolute favorites!" -Listener Review

"I’m a sucker for trivial knowledge, and this podcast delivers it in an entertaining fashion. The hosts have great chemistry and, with their easy style, I actually find myself talking back to them. And it’s unfair to call it trivia. It’s more of a deep dive into very interesting but ignored topics of history. One of my top 5 podcasts now." - Listener Review!

"These guys do a lot of research to come up with obscure, but interesting bits of history about major things from the past. They are entertaining, informative and funny. They are NOT your typical dry history teacher. If these guys were teaching in his school, Ferris Buehler would NOT have taken the day off!" - Listener Review!

"If my history teachers had been half this engaging, I'm positive I would have cared a lot more. Nevertheless, I'm learning a ton from these dudes now and loving every episode. They're funny, but not silly. Informative, but not boring. Exactly what I want in a podcast. I highly recommend!!! " - Listener Review!

"You know your history teacher had a bunch of cool stories they couldn't fit into the curriculum when you were in high school, an now you get to hear them! Jess and Joe are funny, engaging, and knowledgeable about their topics. This is a can't miss show!" - Listener Review

"Jess and Joe really know their stuff, and they are HILARIOUS! I always look forward to a new episode each week. I'm so glad there are some other people out there who like to venture down the rabbit hole into some obscure, yet fun, facts." - Listener Review

"Joe and Jess have the relaxed, easy back-and-forth of old friends that really adds to their discussion of some of the wilder bits of history out there. Fun, funny, and informative. I wish these guys had been my history teachers. I definitely would've learned a lot more and had a better time doing it." - Listener Review

"Joe's better than Jess." - highly biased and misinformed listener review