Cutting Class Podcast

What is Cutting Class?

We're a history podcast. We're a comedy podcast. We're a NEW History/Comedy podcast told by two high school teachers. Weekly we'll be bringing you funny, amazing, unbelievable stories from the past to amuse and delight you for absolutely free! If we don't then we'll give your money back guaranteed!

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What people are saying...

"I haven't listened to it yet" - Joe's Wife

"I really tried to like this podcast, but I couldn’t get past the constant giggles from the co-hosts. While I understand the point is to find the humour in history, I just couldn’t find it." - Melissa from Canada

"I just didn't see the humor in it" - Jess' mother

"It may be for some but it is not for me" - Calvin Coolidge

"It's more fun than night with Mom" - Emperor Nero

"Cutting Class Podcast helps me 'Build the Body'" - Theodore Roosevelt

"Cutting Class Podcast has a toothsome flavor" - raving fan